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Create an offer

Creating offers is the primary focus of Lit Token Access. This guide is a short walkthrough on how to do so.

  1. Go to the nav in Shopify admin and go to the app navigator.


    Initially it will not be pinned to the sidebar, so you may have to find it through the search that pops up.


  2. Once on the Lit Token Access page, click Create Token Access.


  3. This will bring up the Create New Token Access modal. Enter a title, description(optional), choose the product(s) to be included in the offer, and select a Type of Access. There are two options in the Type of Access dropdown: Exclusive Access and Discount. Exclusive Access will limit access to only those who qualify, while Discount will leave the item accessible to unqualified shoppers, but only qualified shoppers will get the designated percentage off.

    Important note about Exclusive Access: On products designated Exclusive Access, the block will remove the Buy and Add to cart buttons on the product page, but this could possibly be circumvented.

    We highly recommend creating a new product template for 'exclusives' with the Shopify purchase options removed. Instructions to do so can be found in the Creating a new product template section.


  4. Once a product has been chosen, the type of access has been chosen, and a title has been entered, click Next in the bottom right.


  5. This will bring up the Access Control Modal where conditions can be made. Desired chains can be selected at the top and available conditions are displayed below. Once your conditions are created you will be navigated back to the Create New Token Access modal.


  6. Once back on the Create New Token Access modal, a summary will be shown and changes can be made. If desired, a limit can be put on the number of times a user can redeem the offer. For most types of access control, the number of times a user can redeem can be limited only by Wallet Address. This has a caveat in that users controlling with more than one wallet can redeem with each wallet they have. If the access control has been made using the Group of Token or NFT Holders option, you will also have the option to limit the number of redemptions by NFT ID.

    Once the offer looks good, click Save Token Access.


  7. Once saved, the new token access will appear in the app.