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What is Lit Token Access?

Lit Token Access is a Shopify app that allows you to token gate products for exclusive access or discounts based on conditions you specify.

I'm new to blockchain stuff and don't know what that means.

Lit Token Access is like security at an event. We don't provide the content or the entertainment, but we allow the folks that have tickets to enter and stop those that don't. In this analogy the tickets are conditions you create that can be based on wallet address, NFT ownership, DAO membership, or POAP holdings, and the event is your Shopify product.

You should work on your analogies.


Can I use Lit Token Access to mint NFTs?

Lit Token Access is for token gating only. A list of official Shopify blockchain app partners can be found here, a number of which can assist with the creation of NFTs.

So in more detail, what I can I use Lit Token Access for?

The app allows you to create exclusives or discounts for products in your store. Exclusives are just what they sound like, making products only accessible to those who qualify based on the conditions you set. Products marked as exclusive cannot be bought by customers who do not qualify.

Discounts can be bought by anyone at full price, but customers who qualify get a discount that you specify.

The feature I want isn't in the app.

Lit Token Access is very much a work in progress, but development priority is dictated by what is the most useful to merchants. If there is a feature that you would like to see, please drop us a line at and let us know! Recent updates and upcoming features can be found here.

Something isn't working.

Drop us a line at and we'll get it figured out.